Dr. Ahmed Al-Kabir



Born in 1952 in Zakiganj upazila of Sylhet district, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kabir, a valiant freedom fighter, has been acclaimed at home and abroad as a management specialist and social worker. He earned his MA and M.Sc degrees in Economics and Medical Demography from Chittagong University and London University respectively. He received Ph.D degree in Economics (Population and Development). Besides, he did a post-graduate diploma in Wales University of Great Britain.


Currently, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kabir is the Chairman of state-owned Rupali Bank Ltd. He is a faculty member of Johns Hopkins University of the United States. He is the founder and organizer of many social welfare organizations and educational institutes including the voluntary organization "Shimantik" and Research, Training and Management International. Shimantik, founded by him, has received the Prime Minister's Award for three consecutive years as the best non-governmental organization in Sylhet division. In 1993 Dr. Kabir received the "Meritorious Service Award" of US-based non-government organization "EngenderHealth". In 2010, he received "Mahatma Gandhi Award-2010 (from Mahatma Gandhi Research Council)", "Meritorious Honour Award-2009 (from Prativa Bikash Social Development Voluntary Association for Bangladesh)", "National Coordination Development Foundation 2009-10 Award for contribution in the development of Unani Medicine", and "Bongabir General Osmani Honor Award-2010 (from Bangladesh Writers' Forum)" for contribution to the development of banking sector. Besides, Dr. Kabir received the Weekly "Samadhara" award for contributions to the development of health sector and "Special Human Rights Award 2010" from the National Human Rights Commission.


In course of his long career spanning 30 years, Dr. Kabir served the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of Bangladesh, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), US-based AVSC (now called EngenderHealth and John Snow Incorporated. Under his leadership the USAID-funded Smiling Sun health program was launched in the country's urban areas. As a consultant of the Asian Development Bank he led the project preparatory team which prepared the project documents for the Second Primary HealthCare Project. He has worked in as many as 14 countries including Bangladesh as an expert on management, project preparation and evaluation specialist.


Dr. Kabir's research papers and articles have been published at home and abroad and presented at various international seminars. In his writings he puts emphasis on human resource development, public private partnership and involvement of youth. In recognition of his contribution in the field of research Johns Hopkins University of USA appointed him as its faculty member in 2009.


Since his student life, Dr. Kabir has been very active in social welfare activities and took active part in each and every movement aiming to safeguard national interest. He actively participated in the mass upsurge of 1969, national election of 1970 and the War of Liberation in 1971. In the post-liberation times, he was active in progressive and democratic movements in Sylhet region. In 1979 he founded a non-government organization named "Shimantik" which now has been recognized as a national level non-government organization with its unique contribution in health, education and social welfare. This organization runs a teachers' training college, 14 hospitals, two schools and one vocational training institute. He founded in 2002 a technical assistance organization called "Research, Training and Management International". This organization is successfully conducting technical assistance, research and training programs at national and international levels. He has played primary roles in the establishing of many institutes in Sylhet region, especially schools, colleges and madrashas.


Dr. Kabir is a Director of the International Medical College and Hospital, Tongi and Metropolitan University of Sylhet. He is also a Director of the National Credit Rating Company. Besides, he regularly works as a management consultant to various donor agencies and development partners.


Dr. Kabir is married with two children. His wife teaches at a government college.